Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well I think so anyway - I made this batch tonight..before I went for a walk :)   I've had the recipe for a long time - it came from a package of Butter Flavour Crisco.  My milk jug however has been around for...well...almost ever.  I became it's owner when my mother and father-in-law sold their home and retired 20+ years ago.  This dairy company has since changed names to Brookfield Dairy and now Scotsburn Dairy (my husband works there - 20 years in 2011).  Anyway, I just devoured three of these with a tall glass of cold fresh milk.  Oh if the bottle could talk, what stories it could tell.  Have a great evening - I'm off.


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  1. Hi Sis - havge you changed your blog look again? Seems like there's something missing!


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