Sunday, October 17, 2010

Masculine Birthday Card

Our (myself and DH) friend's 50th birthday is this coming Sunday (October 24th) and here's the card I made for him this afternoon.  This is my third masculine card (the other two were for my sons!).  

Along with our very crafty day on Saturday, Jean and I did some shopping - it was a crafty shoppy (new word I just made up) EXTRAVAGANZA type of day!!!  LOL  We went to The Paperie, Michael's, $ stores (plural!), Chapters and a few dozen other places...phew.  When sis comes to town, I don't stop (I love it!)

I picked up blue card stock at The Paperie thinking it was purple (my plan was to make some Halloween paper crafts using the purple).  When I got home, it was not purple at all, but blue.  Anyway - it worked out perfectly for this particular card.  I didn't colour the cake because I didn't want it to look too "girlie"; I DID use a little bit of glitter glue.  There's blue argyle paper and sisal twine... very manly...  :0).     Voila, my man card.

Cheers!  Jackie

1 comment:

  1. Hey there - you've been busy! Great card - just heading for the loft to unpack. Later!


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