Monday, October 11, 2010

Squeegie Man!

I just had to put these pictures up - a couple of weeks ago DH wanted to clean the outside windows after our visit from hurricane Igor.  We were fortunate - no damage or loss of power...very fortunate.  

To the rescue!!
We have some serious work to do!
Don't try this at home folks!

Noticing how dirty the windows were, DH wanted to buy a telescopie squeegie to clean them, figuring it would be a much easier task with that particular device (true enough).  After we purchased said squeegie at our local Canadian Tire store...that's another story in itself!!....  he got to work.  Finding the glare from the house hard on the eyes he searched around the house and found these sunglasses...belonging to our teenage son.  Squeegie Man was born.  He just had to make a superhero(?) of himself and thus the pictures.  T'was amusing indeed. 

Have a great day!
Cheers - Jackie

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