Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plenty of cards...

Ahhh...spring.  Ground Hog Day is next week - February 2nd.  Hmmm...should do a card for that!

For the card player...
For the pool player!  Note the dice have some bling added...

This was drawn freehand as well as the sentiment.
Just black cardstock and flowers cut with the Cricut "Plantin SchoolBook" cartridge.   Scissors were used to fringe the top petals.

I've been busy making plenty of cards this past few weeks. These are all 3x3 with the exception of the black/flower cards.  The "Thanks Sweetie" is all freehand and then coloured with markers.  All of these were made using scraps of patterned paper and card stock.    I have to head out for my walk - it's a little chilly, but sunny.  Until later! - Jackie


  1. You HAVE been busy - these are adorable love how you used the little jewels - The flowers on black are gorgeous!

  2. Jackie you do have plenty of cards on hand now for sure! I love the flowers on the black - I may try that one. I also love that punch about friends! Very nice.


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